Moore Racehorse Trust

Spent a gorgeous sunny day with Sharon Moore at her rescue centre for racehorses in Westmeston, West Sussex on Friday.

What a gorgeous spot for these beautiful, abused creatures to spend their days! With Sharon’s patience their trust is slowly restored, although some of their injuries will never fully heal. I have made a vow not to publish details or photos of cruelty to animals, as I am sure there are others like me who immediately delete such things.

I would like to ask you, however, whether you enjoy seeing images of horses running free with their herd? If so, you would probably never dream of participating in any form of cruelty, or abuse to these magnificent creatures.

I feel compelled to tell you that if you ever put a bet on a race, or go to an event such as Ascot, Cheltenham, the Grand National et cetera, you are almost certainly colluding in the worst forms of abuse. Perhaps you don’t care. Some people would rather support these occasions, and see them as a chance to dress up, meet the girls, put a bet on – who knows? You might win!

Behind the scenes horses are suffering. Some of their physical and emotional wounds will never heal.

Sharon Moore has limited space, and no government funding for her charity. Her horses are the lucky ones – now. Their fate could easily have been so different. Many very young horses are slaughtered because they will not be “broken” quickly enough. They are scared because they have been taken from their family, shut in an enclosed space and made to “obey” the will of humans.

Do you have the courage to find out what REALLY goes on behind the scenes? Do you have the courage to say “NO” when your mates want you to join them at the racecourse? Do you have the courage to spread the word that horseracing in all its forms is unacceptable?

The Moore Racehorse Trust, and other similar sanctuaries rely on donations and fundraising. Why not help to change the life of an abused racehorse by supporting them, instead of feeding the multi-million pound industry which creates and perpetuates this abuse?

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