Home again

I love coming home from Japan at this time of year. After a month things have certainly changed.

I am delighting in walking through the lush countryside. I feel like a child discovering things for the first time, yet meeting old friends too.

Coming home May 2015 003 A beautifully scented, shy English bluebell. Beware the Spanish invader, which has no smell, and whose blooms stand arrogantly upright. It looks as if it is doing a fandango. Be careful, please, if you order bulbs for your garden. It is quite possible the more aggressive Spaniard will overcome our coy English forestdweller.Coming home May 2015 005 Coming home May 2015 009Gorgeous Gorse flowers and soft young Beech leaves.

Coming home May 2015 015 Coming home May 2015 013 Baby Oak leaves, bluebells and a mix of buttercups, clover, forget-me-nots and cow parsley.Coming home May 2015 020 Friston Forest 005 (480x640) Tilly looking for squirrels.

.Friston Forest 008 (640x480) Beautiful Elder, the triple Goddess in one magical plant.

Friston Forest 003 (480x640) This hidden track reminds me of Kipling’s poem : The Way through the Woods.


Coming home May 2015 027Buttercup meadow.

Friston Forest 007 (480x640)Hawthorn.

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