Japan 2015

Another lovely month teaching Earth Wisdom in Japan.

Interesting to note that when I first introduced Plant Spirit Journeying, where the students connect to a chosen plant in Nature, then undergo a shamanic journey to the beat of a drum in the classroom no-one wanted to lie on the floor. They would rather sit upright on a chair. This time all but one immediately chose to lay on the floor. I feel they are learning to trust me – and themselves – to really let go, and experience the journey. Here are some images.

Japan May 2015 004 (480x640) Baby bambooJapan May 2015 034 (640x480) Japan May 2015 042 (640x480) Japan May 2015 062 (480x640) It really is impossible to get an idea of the impact this mountain has, and the influence it holds over the Japanese people. I have said it before, but it is as if there is a white-haired grandfather watching over the land, and he certainly deserves reverence and respect.Japan May 2015 054 (480x640) Japan May 2015 069 (480x640)This cherry blossom only grows near Mount Fuji, and is called sakura-Fuji – sakura means cherry. The flowers are smaller and bloom later than other cherry trees.

Here is a mixture of wild flowers, and a miniFuji made from blossoms.Japan May 2015 067 (640x480) Japan May 2015 070 (480x640)I am working on a new project for my graduate students, which I will reveal later this year. Some of them return to take the final level again, and a few more than once! New projects for them have been to make and dedicate their own wand, and to make a protective amulet. Anyone interested in either of those let me know!

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