Meeting Fear Glas and Be-an Glas 001 (640x480)“Yes, ’tis I, Fe-ar Glas.” Said the face. “I change my shape with the seasons. This is Be-an Glas. We are as one at this time, when Mother Earth and Father Sun are united in their power. We are feminine and masculine combined; very soon leaf, blossom and all creatures who dwell upon the Earth will shine forth their full beauty and magnificence. We are the guardians of Earth Mother, yet our energy is as frozen as this stone circle’s. If the spell of gloom is not dispersed by the time of the Sun-Sith the whole of the land as far as eye can see will never be healed. Desolation will hold fast for ever more, and the barren land will die.”

“Do not despair, Fe-ar Glas and Be-an Glas.” Cried Elfidon excitedly. “We have someone who can help us when we have found the Golden Sickle of the Ancestors. We met a goblin just as we entered this place. He knows how to activate the sickle. One of our friends remains with him to ensure we return with it.”

Be-an Glas let out a long, eerie sigh, which sounded like the wind howling through an Ash tree during a storm.

“Noooooo!” She wailed. “The goblin cannot be trusted. He is in thrall to the wicked queen. Long time and long time more he lay moaning in a cave, for he could not stand the light and magic of this place. The healing circle’s power was so bright and powerful that his evil heart could not bear it. He loves the darkness of fear and cruelty. I am afraid that your companion is in great peril. He will use her ill.”

Elfidon felt something in his heart which he had never felt before. It was anger – the anger of deceit; the anger of betrayal; the anger of injustice. As the other Elves watched in amazement Elfidon seemed to grow taller and wider as the anger gave him courage and determination to rid the land of all malificent darkness, whatever it might take.

Be-an Glas spoke again. “Elfidon. Look behind me into the rock. There you will find a little seed cup full of black seeds. These are the children of Mugwort – the plant of prophesy in dreams. Before you settle down to sleep tonight swallow the seeds, and ask that they show you where the Golden Sickle is hiding.”

Meeting Fear Glas and Be-an Glas 003 (640x480)Sure enough the Mugwort seeds were just were Be-an Glas said they would be.

“Friends.” He addressed his fellow-elves. ” Do not be fearful. Find courage to continue our quest. Our little Elfkin is in danger, but I swear I will do all in my power to save her, and to thwart the spell of darkness which is blighting this land.

Meeting Fear Glas and Be-an Glas 010 (640x480)Rest now, brave comrades. Remember light can eliminate the dark, but dark only allows light to shine brighter.”

With that, Elfidon swallowed the Mugwort seeds and lay down to await his dreams.

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