Reawakening the Stone Circle

As if in a dream the Elves watched as Fe-ar Glas and Be-an Glas slowly began to merge into one being. Their features were no longer as distinguishable as they had been. They were taking on the characteristics of an ancient tree form. Less and less of their original faces could be seen, until they eventually disappeared altogether.

Before the Elves could panic, however, the anthropomorphic image began to form again.It spoke in a voice which was neither feminine nor masculine.

Reawakening the circle 001 (480x640)

“The Golden Sickle of the Ancestors must reawaken the stone circle.” It said. “Plunge the sickle into the very centre of the rocks, and cry out for the light to vanquish the dark.”

The face melted back into a tree shape once again, but this time Fe-ar Glas and Be-an Glas did not reappear.

“How do we know where the centre of the circle is?” Asked Elfling.

Somehow Elfidon knew without a doubt where they should plunge the sickle. “Exactly where Fe-ar Glas and Be-an Glas were when we entered it.” He said.

All the Elves knew that this would be their only chance to banish the spell of gloom. All together they lifted the Golden Sickle of the Ancestors, tipped the point of the crescent forward and plunged it into the Earth.

“We call upon the light of healing to shine forth and banish the darkness of gloom.” They cried in unison as loudly as they could.

Reawakening the circle 004 (640x480)

For a few seconds nothing happened, then from the point they had punctured came a rumbling and a shaking of the ground beneath their feet. Long lines of light spread out in all directions across the grass, touching every stone as they travelled like lightning into the distance. The rumbling and trembling ceased. The Earth seemed to heave a great sigh.

Then a wren’s voice was heard, trilling loudly. A blackbird joined in, and a thrush, a robin – and very soon the air was filled with birdsong. A mole thrust his nose out from a little hill of earth. A snail emerged from behind a stone. Dragonflies and butterflies fluttered in front of the Elves as if they were dancing with joy.

“We did it! We did it” Cried the Elves in unison.

Elfidon shared their elation. “We ¬†are not finished, however.” He said. “Not until Elfkin is safely back with us once more.”

Little did they know that finding Elfkin was not the only task they would be undertaking.



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