Joyous Solstice!

Joyous Summer Solstice to all!
Looks like it is going to be a glorious day. The longest day of the year.

Fill your energy field with the strength of the Sun. Feel it in your belly – your solar plexus. Solar means Sun. It is the fire in the belly which gives us confidence, hope and courage.

Blessings come to us when we walk forward on our path in our own light. Walk tall, and do not be afraid to be true to yourself. Delight in the gifts our ancestors have passed down to us. Do not let others try to diminish your light. They are fearful of it.

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Moore Racehorse Trust

Spent a gorgeous sunny day with Sharon Moore at her rescue centre for racehorses in Westmeston, West Sussex on Friday.

What a gorgeous spot for these beautiful, abused creatures to spend their days! With Sharon’s patience their trust is slowly restored, although some of their injuries will never fully heal. I have made a vow not to publish details or photos of cruelty to animals, as I am sure there are others like me who immediately delete such things.

I would like to ask you, however, whether you enjoy seeing images of horses running free with their herd? If so, you would probably never dream of participating in any form of cruelty, or abuse to these magnificent creatures.

I feel compelled to tell you that if you ever put a bet on a race, or go to an event such as Ascot, Cheltenham, the Grand National et cetera, you are almost certainly colluding in the worst forms of abuse. Perhaps you don’t care. Some people would rather support these occasions, and see them as a chance to dress up, meet the girls, put a bet on – who knows? You might win!

Behind the scenes horses are suffering. Some of their physical and emotional wounds will never heal.

Sharon Moore has limited space, and no government funding for her charity. Her horses are the lucky ones – now. Their fate could easily have been so different. Many very young horses are slaughtered because they will not be “broken” quickly enough. They are scared because they have been taken from their family, shut in an enclosed space and made to “obey” the will of humans.

Do you have the courage to find out what REALLY goes on behind the scenes? Do you have the courage to say “NO” when your mates want you to join them at the racecourse? Do you have the courage to spread the word that horseracing in all its forms is unacceptable?

The Moore Racehorse Trust, and other similar sanctuaries rely on donations and fundraising. Why not help to change the life of an abused racehorse by supporting them, instead of feeding the multi-million pound industry which creates and perpetuates this abuse?

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John, my latest squueeze!

Heidi, John and Firle Park 027 (640x480)Heidi, John and Firle Park 015 (480x640)

This is John, my latest squueeze. He is gorgeously attired, sensuous, tactile, extremely cool, and best of all – quiet.

Heidi, John and Firle Park 023 (480x640)
This is Belle. Her magnificent skin glows iridescent in the sunlight. She posed for photographs when she came for a visit to Raystede animal shelter yesterday. Many thanks to the East Sussex Reptile and Amphipian Society for allowing us to learn about taking care of these sensitive creatures. We also handled lizards and geckos – all gorgeous and well-behaved.

Heidi, John and Firle Park 028 (640x480)

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Tarot Tribes – A Dance of Thrones



A Dance of Thrones

Sunday 8th June
10am – 5pm

cost £40

3, Stamford Buildings, Burgh Lane, Firle, East Sussex BN8 6NE
01273 858178/07986 105865
[email protected]

In this second of two workshops on the Tarot we will be working with the Minor Arcana, looking at their connection with the elements, astrology, the four directions, the wheel of nature and the wheel of life.

We will explore the personalities of the kings, queens, knights/princes, pages/princesses who head each of the four suits. Many Tarot students have a problem connecting with the Court Cards of the Minor Arcana when giving readings. These sixteen Royal characters can appear both enigmatic and elusive.As we deepen our relationship with each individual we will begin to recognise characteristics within ourselves, our friends, family and those who challenge us.

Cards will be provided, although if you have a favourite pack you like to work with please feel free to bring it along.

This workshop is open to anyone with an interest in Tarot. Attendance of the previous workshop – The Fool’s Journey – is not obligatory.

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a packed lunch. Teas and coffees will be provided. Stamford Buildings is part of a two-hundred-year-old workhouse, and the walls are thick, so the rooms may be chilly. You may wish to bring a blanket and socks.

Confirmation of your place on the workshop on receipt of payment. No refunds will be given.

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Glasgow School of Art

Devastating news about the fire at The Glasgow School of Art.
Charles Rennie Macintosh was an iconic artist, architect and visionary of the Arts and Crafts movement.
The beauty of Nature inspired his work, and even today his influence has a huge impact on all that is stylish and aesthetically pleasing in design.
Let’s hope the building and contents can be saved and restored.

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Earth tremor!

Just been to give thanks at my local shrine, as I always do, and a huge tremor shook the earth!
Are the Kami laughing at me? The one thing I hoped wouldn’t happen ( well apart from losing my passport; getting lost in transit; missing my flight)

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Home tomorrow!
How is the weather in England? It is hot and humid in Japan, so will I have to have my socks handy in case I get a shock to the system?

Looking forward to the Faerie Festival in Alfriston on Saturday, and Hove Town Hall Spiritual Fayre on Sunday.
Also looking forward to being with the familiar, even if she does swipe at me, and avoid me for a few days, apart from icy glares of disdain.

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Grandfather’s all-seeing eye

Level IV of Celtic Earth Magic was shared under the magnificent beneficent gaze of Mount Fuji.
The weather was glorious, and unlike last year, when he showed himself mysteriously and intermittently through the clouds, he positively glowed in the sunlight.

The meals in the retreat hotel were delicious – lots of small dishes, and a pescatarian’s dream for me! The veggie meals were scrumptious too.

When the mountain erupted a thousand years ago the lava destroyed the forest around the area. The trees burned away, and what is left are huge caves and tunnels, where one can still see the shape of the tree bark in the walls. One of these caves is sacred to a princess who it is said, became pregnant after going deep into the womb of the Earth. It’s a bit hard going to enter these tunnels, but well worth the effort.


The weekend finished with the students giving readings using the powerful tree symbols of the Celtic Ogham. They created their own Ogham runes from branches of Japanese cherry.

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I am off to run a retreat near Mount Fuji today. It is the fourth level of Celtic Earth Magic, and this part of Japan is perfect for it!
We cover Magic and Divination, with the huge snow-capped mountain standing over us like a white-haired grandfather. The atmosphere is tangible, and at this level the students will have made deep connections to the energies and Spirits of the Earth, trees and the elements.

Tomorrow evening we will have a huge bonfire to honour the spirit of fire in the belly of this land of earthquakes and tsunamis. I will place unique ancient symbols into the energetic fields of the students, and we will send messages to the ancestors. As the fire roars, then quietens I will tell a tale of my own land from the time of the Druids.

Getting excited now!!

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Being present

There is a big difference between going to a beautiful place in Nature, and BEING there.

Next time you are alone in a natural setting take a few minutes to feel your feet connecting with the Earth, breathe in the air, sense the energy of the location, and open yourself to appreciating the connection. You may wish to ask for help, inspiration or healing. It is so easy. Try it.

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