Calm amidst Chaos Day

Further to my last entry I have decided to hold a Calm amidst Chaos day on Sunday 14th December.

The plan is to invite anyone who would like to come and share some quiet time amidst the chaos, panic and stress leading up to Christmas.

Our ancestors, as with the rest of Nature honoured the time between Samhainn on 1st November and Yule on 21st December as a chance to withdraw from the struggle to survive, knowing that food was stocked up, animals sheltered and homesteads were secured against the bitter Winter months ahead. This was the time for appreciating the gifts from Earth and Universe. Around the fires personal experiences were shared, music played and tales were told.

Nowadays, instead of withdrawing into a quiet time, humanity seeks the chaos of bustling shops, eating and drinking to excess, spending above our income, exhaustion, worry and stress. No wonder more families break up after Christmas than at any other time. The Samaritans organisation are also at their busiest at this time.

Let me know if you are interested in joining me on Sunday 14th. I will send details privately.

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