Wild Wellbeing


Wild Wellbeing is allied to the Japanese practice of Shinrin Yoku – Forest Bathing.

Experiencing a natural environment with mindful intent allows us to let go of the constant head-chatter of modern life. Wild Wellbeing takes us back to a more intuitive way of being – the way of our ancestors. By exploring the senses we connect to a deeper, more peaceful level of awareness which can help relieve stress, fear, mental and emotional trauma.

Wild Wellbeing offers you the opportunity to reawaken your personal, innate relationship with the rest of Nature within a safe, nurturing, magical experience.

Presented as a series of excursions into the wild, as we journey forward we gently allow ourselves to release the sense of detachment and aloneness that many of us feel, and to know ourselves as part of the environment, not separate from it.

Please contact me for further details.

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Reiki level II

I will be offering Usui Reiki level I at Equilibrium in Lewes over the two Sundays February 21st and 28th.

It isn’t necessary to have received Reiki level I from me to participate. I will just need to chat to you about your experiences.

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Reawakening the Stone Circle

As if in a dream the Elves watched as Fe-ar Glas and Be-an Glas slowly began to merge into one being. Their features were no longer as distinguishable as they had been. They were taking on the characteristics of an ancient tree form. Less and less of their original faces could be seen, until they eventually disappeared altogether.

Before the Elves could panic, however, the anthropomorphic image began to form again.It spoke in a voice which was neither feminine nor masculine.

Reawakening the circle 001 (480x640)

“The Golden Sickle of the Ancestors must reawaken the stone circle.” It said. “Plunge the sickle into the very centre of the rocks, and cry out for the light to vanquish the dark.”

The face melted back into a tree shape once again, but this time Fe-ar Glas and Be-an Glas did not reappear.

“How do we know where the centre of the circle is?” Asked Elfling.

Somehow Elfidon knew without a doubt where they should plunge the sickle. “Exactly where Fe-ar Glas and Be-an Glas were when we entered it.” He said.

All the Elves knew that this would be their only chance to banish the spell of gloom. All together they lifted the Golden Sickle of the Ancestors, tipped the point of the crescent forward and plunged it into the Earth.

“We call upon the light of healing to shine forth and banish the darkness of gloom.” They cried in unison as loudly as they could.

Reawakening the circle 004 (640x480)

For a few seconds nothing happened, then from the point they had punctured came a rumbling and a shaking of the ground beneath their feet. Long lines of light spread out in all directions across the grass, touching every stone as they travelled like lightning into the distance. The rumbling and trembling ceased. The Earth seemed to heave a great sigh.

Then a wren’s voice was heard, trilling loudly. A blackbird joined in, and a thrush, a robin – and very soon the air was filled with birdsong. A mole thrust his nose out from a little hill of earth. A snail emerged from behind a stone. Dragonflies and butterflies fluttered in front of the Elves as if they were dancing with joy.

“We did it! We did it” Cried the Elves in unison.

Elfidon shared their elation. “We  are not finished, however.” He said. “Not until Elfkin is safely back with us once more.”

Little did they know that finding Elfkin was not the only task they would be undertaking.



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Meeting Fear Glas and Be-an Glas 001 (640x480)“Yes, ’tis I, Fe-ar Glas.” Said the face. “I change my shape with the seasons. This is Be-an Glas. We are as one at this time, when Mother Earth and Father Sun are united in their power. We are feminine and masculine combined; very soon leaf, blossom and all creatures who dwell upon the Earth will shine forth their full beauty and magnificence. We are the guardians of Earth Mother, yet our energy is as frozen as this stone circle’s. If the spell of gloom is not dispersed by the time of the Sun-Sith the whole of the land as far as eye can see will never be healed. Desolation will hold fast for ever more, and the barren land will die.”

“Do not despair, Fe-ar Glas and Be-an Glas.” Cried Elfidon excitedly. “We have someone who can help us when we have found the Golden Sickle of the Ancestors. We met a goblin just as we entered this place. He knows how to activate the sickle. One of our friends remains with him to ensure we return with it.”

Be-an Glas let out a long, eerie sigh, which sounded like the wind howling through an Ash tree during a storm.

“Noooooo!” She wailed. “The goblin cannot be trusted. He is in thrall to the wicked queen. Long time and long time more he lay moaning in a cave, for he could not stand the light and magic of this place. The healing circle’s power was so bright and powerful that his evil heart could not bear it. He loves the darkness of fear and cruelty. I am afraid that your companion is in great peril. He will use her ill.”

Elfidon felt something in his heart which he had never felt before. It was anger – the anger of deceit; the anger of betrayal; the anger of injustice. As the other Elves watched in amazement Elfidon seemed to grow taller and wider as the anger gave him courage and determination to rid the land of all malificent darkness, whatever it might take.

Be-an Glas spoke again. “Elfidon. Look behind me into the rock. There you will find a little seed cup full of black seeds. These are the children of Mugwort – the plant of prophesy in dreams. Before you settle down to sleep tonight swallow the seeds, and ask that they show you where the Golden Sickle is hiding.”

Meeting Fear Glas and Be-an Glas 003 (640x480)Sure enough the Mugwort seeds were just were Be-an Glas said they would be.

“Friends.” He addressed his fellow-elves. ” Do not be fearful. Find courage to continue our quest. Our little Elfkin is in danger, but I swear I will do all in my power to save her, and to thwart the spell of darkness which is blighting this land.

Meeting Fear Glas and Be-an Glas 010 (640x480)Rest now, brave comrades. Remember light can eliminate the dark, but dark only allows light to shine brighter.”

With that, Elfidon swallowed the Mugwort seeds and lay down to await his dreams.

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Fe-ar Glas and Be-an Glas

“This is beautiful.” Whispered Elfling, the youngest elf.

“Yes, it is,” her friend Elfman replied. “but listen – no birds sing. None of the Mother’s Earth-nurturers – the slugs, snails, worms or moles are present in this place. The Earth is barren. Nothing is growing the way it should. It is as if the circle is stuck in time.”

Quietly, the Elves moved around the circle. Slowly they felt all vitality draining from their bodies. With each breath a darkness of soul overtook them.

It seemed as if a long, quiet sigh came from one of the stones. The Elves looked closer at it, and they could see two faces in the cold face of the rock.


“Is that Fe-ar Glas?” asked Elf-Ian. “It looks like him, although somehow different.”

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Home again

I love coming home from Japan at this time of year. After a month things have certainly changed.

I am delighting in walking through the lush countryside. I feel like a child discovering things for the first time, yet meeting old friends too.

Coming home May 2015 003 A beautifully scented, shy English bluebell. Beware the Spanish invader, which has no smell, and whose blooms stand arrogantly upright. It looks as if it is doing a fandango. Be careful, please, if you order bulbs for your garden. It is quite possible the more aggressive Spaniard will overcome our coy English forestdweller.Coming home May 2015 005 Coming home May 2015 009Gorgeous Gorse flowers and soft young Beech leaves.

Coming home May 2015 015 Coming home May 2015 013 Baby Oak leaves, bluebells and a mix of buttercups, clover, forget-me-nots and cow parsley.Coming home May 2015 020 Friston Forest 005 (480x640) Tilly looking for squirrels.

.Friston Forest 008 (640x480) Beautiful Elder, the triple Goddess in one magical plant.

Friston Forest 003 (480x640) This hidden track reminds me of Kipling’s poem : The Way through the Woods.


Coming home May 2015 027Buttercup meadow.

Friston Forest 007 (480x640)Hawthorn.

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Japan 2015

Another lovely month teaching Earth Wisdom in Japan.

Interesting to note that when I first introduced Plant Spirit Journeying, where the students connect to a chosen plant in Nature, then undergo a shamanic journey to the beat of a drum in the classroom no-one wanted to lie on the floor. They would rather sit upright on a chair. This time all but one immediately chose to lay on the floor. I feel they are learning to trust me – and themselves – to really let go, and experience the journey. Here are some images.

Japan May 2015 004 (480x640) Baby bambooJapan May 2015 034 (640x480) Japan May 2015 042 (640x480) Japan May 2015 062 (480x640) It really is impossible to get an idea of the impact this mountain has, and the influence it holds over the Japanese people. I have said it before, but it is as if there is a white-haired grandfather watching over the land, and he certainly deserves reverence and respect.Japan May 2015 054 (480x640) Japan May 2015 069 (480x640)This cherry blossom only grows near Mount Fuji, and is called sakura-Fuji – sakura means cherry. The flowers are smaller and bloom later than other cherry trees.

Here is a mixture of wild flowers, and a miniFuji made from blossoms.Japan May 2015 067 (640x480) Japan May 2015 070 (480x640)I am working on a new project for my graduate students, which I will reveal later this year. Some of them return to take the final level again, and a few more than once! New projects for them have been to make and dedicate their own wand, and to make a protective amulet. Anyone interested in either of those let me know!

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Springtime reverie

Just as the dawn chorus is reaching its glorious peak, and the wild violets are shyly raising their faces to the ever-brightening Sun I am off to work in Japan for a month.

All our senses are heightened at this time of the year if we open ourselves up to the joy of lengthening days. I have to admit that I will envy all those of you who will enjoy the sound of the calls of returning swallows and swifts, the heady scent of English bluebells on the forest floor, the sight of the delightful pink and white Hawthorn blossom, the taste of young plants and herbs.

The only heathen festival the christians haven’t purloined is Beltaine. It’s not difficult to understand why. Yet this is the celebration of the mystery of life itself. The ecstatic union between the Green Man and the Earth Goddess brings forth new life. It is the ultimate honouring of sexual equality and fecundity. Beltaine is the energy of creativity, in whatever form that takes. The Maypole, sadly forgotten by most parts of the country is the symbol for the sacred act of loving surrender. The phallic pole plunges into the yielding and welcoming Earth as the people dance and make merry. 

In our ancient past bonfires were lit on the tops of hills and beacons to honour the passion of the Divine beings of the Earth as she blossoms and wallows in the warmth of the ever-strengthening Sun. Enjoy every moment, dear friends. I will be harmonising and connecting with my beloved country as she sings her fiery Beltaine song.

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025028These snails have bred in the cleft of these Beech trees.

I wonder why the Beech is preferable to them?

I didn’t see this in any other trees in the forest.


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